2012 - Unstoppable Death Machines - Space Time Continuum

UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES collaborate with animator STIEG RETLIN to premiere animated music video for "Space Time Continuum."

Brothers- Mike & Billy Tucci- better know as the NYC fraternal art rock duo, UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES - collaborate with Queens based artist Stieg Retlin on an animated sci-fi super adventure. "Space Time Continuum" utilizes mixed mediums of animation including traditional hand drawn cartoons, pencil and pen sketches, flip book animation, stop motion, 3D & digitally created images. "Space Time Continuum" takes an entertaining interpretation in an original animated sci-fi conspiracy teleplay.

The music video draws inspiration from the ideas and writings of Zecharia Sitchin, William Cooper, David Icke, and Ray Kurzweil, the mixed styles of animation interweave a technicolor multi-dimensional comic glimpse into the possibilities of these ideas and how they may transpire, where humanity is the byproduct of an intergalactic war between feuding alien races, government conspiracies, artificial intelligence self-awareness, and a complete cataclysmic cycle of the cosmos.

UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES "Space Time Continuum" appears on the "Slumlord/Space Time Continuum EP," available now on iTunes.

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