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Welcome! My name is Stieg Retlin. My first name pronounced as rhyming with the first part of "Steve" and the last part of "fatigue". I use they/them pronouns. I am currently located in Seattle Washington State of USA, I lived and worked in New York for 12 years, I grew up in New Jersey, and spent a few months in Illinois.


e-mail: stiegretlin@gmail.com


I have 15+ years experience in animation and illustration. My animation experience includes 2D hand drawn animation and motion graphics; illustration experience includes designing brand identities and mascots; as well as creating, drawing, and compiling illustrations for comics, prose accompaniment, and storyboards.


I am proficient in traditional hand drawn animation, video post production compositing and editing, illustration, story boarding, comics creation. Software proficiencies include After Effects, Animate CC, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Indesign, Cinema 4D, Blender.


2001 - 2005 - School of Visual Arts, BFA in Traditional Animation.

Awards & Honors

2009 - Nullsleep-Dirty Rom Dance Mix
2009 - Best Music Video, ASIFA-EAST
2009 - Best Music Video, Ottawa International Animation Festival

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